Natalia's Personalized Fitness Program

So many people desire making a change in their lifestyle and overall health or body image, but don't have the necessary resources or discipline to make that transition. Personal training is the tool and boost you need to allow you to reach those health and fitness goals. With my personalized programs, offered both in-home and at gym, ranging from Pilates and Core Training to muscle toning and marathon training. I can assure you with my personal training program you will see those changes in as little as two weeks!


All personal training programs include customized and on-going nutritional guidance to maximize results.

In-Gym Training: 

  • Starts at $80.00 an hour.

In-Home Personal Training:
(in the privacy of your own living room, home gym, or backyard) 

  • Starts at $85.00/hour

Group Training :

  • $60.00/hour per person (group of 2)   
  • $50.00/hour per person (group of 3)      

Private Yoga, Pilates & Stretching sessions are also available upon request.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates is a great gift idea for any occasion.

Give The Gift of Health, With Personal Training Gift Certificates. Invest in yourself and in the health of loved ones!

Personal Training Gift Certificates are available for as little as 1 trial session for personal training, or as many as 1 year of personal training sessions. Please contact me for special promotional packages.

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