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Steve H., 66, Newport Beach, CA

I started working out with Natalia in October 2014. I have lost 27 lbs. My resting heart rate is down from 78 to 60 beats per minute. My blood pressure went from 127/77 to 104/70. My blood sugar levels and cholesterol are now within normal limits, all within nine months. I would not only recommend Natalia, she may save your life. 
Natalia is fantastic!

Made L., 75 Newport Beach, CA

"My friend Betty and I would be happy to recommend Natalia Madden as a personal trainer. Betty and I are active seniors who needed a personal trainer to come to Betty's home and provide individualized workouts for each of us together. We feel very fortunate to have found Natalia, who provides us with an hour long program once or twice a week, tailored to our individual needs. She is very aware of what we can each tolerate and steps us up when we need to add additional exercises. After a year of working with Natalia, both Betty and I have noticed an improvement in balance, flexibility, strengthening, and muscle tone. We are thankful to have found her. We can recommend her services very highly."

Craig C., 65, Los Angeles, CA

"I was looking for a personal trainer in google and came upon Natalia's website. Her experience and credentials seemed superb so I thought I would give it a try. She put together a program of exercises and weight training along with solid advice on nutrition and cardio. Working out with her 2-3 times a week combined with off day jogging and cardio and then following that with a changed diet, that is not too boring, has been great. I have quickly dropped 10 pounds with a goal of 10 more but feel much stronger and healthier. I played professional sports when I was younger but got out of the habit of good exercise and diet. By refocusing on these my golf game has improved and I feel more energetic all of the time. She is also very pleasant and has a great, fun personality. Can push you to do more than you can do alone. I recommend her highly to anyone that is serious about being healthier and in better shape"

Kelin D., 32, Newport Beach, CAKelk

"I have been training with Natalia twice a week for 7 months and have seen amazing results. In the first 3 months I lost a total of 23 pounds and am in the best shape of my life! I am 32 years old and have three small children all under the age of 4. I never thought I would wear a bikini again! I feel stronger and healthier than ever before and have considerably lowered my heart rate. Natalia is an expert at what she does. She is so motivational and really listens to her clients. Natalia is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. My balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Natalia will lead you every step of the way.  I look forward to my twice a week training sessions with her.  She has a unique way of centering me and giving me the energy I need to get through the week! Thank you, Natalia! You honestly changed my life." 

Anya B., 38, Irvine, Orange County, CA

"I've been working out with Natalia for a year. She is a very skillful trainer and knows many different techniques and exercises. She supervised my diet and motivates in the best possible way. Natalia always makes sure that exercises are done properly, so I can do it right and get the maximum benefit from each repetition. She is a very caring person and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Natalia because you will get the results you desire and find that working out can be fun too. Her expertise and knowledge will impress you as well."

Daniel L., 40, Huntington Beach, CA

"During the past year Natalia Madden has been overseeing my
weekly training.  Natalia has listened carefully to my goals and developed a personalized plan that has helped me reach and maintain a great physique. In addition, she has aided me in creating and maintaining an effective diet to eat better and gain energy.  I am a teacher and almost 40 years old, but I have as much vigor as my students and know that I am in the healthiest shape of my life.  Whether you are looking for more energy, to slim down, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, Natalia is an excellent trainer for any body type.  Thank you, Nat!"

Kim D., Newport Beach, CA

"I have been working out with Natalia for over a year and I am thrilled with the results. Natalia's circuit style training is fast paced and has resulted in an increase in my energy level and muscle tone. Natalia changes the exercises each time so that I am never bored with the workout and she helps to keep me motivated. As a mother of three, I realize how important it is to maintain my health and strength. I would recommend Natalia to anyone who wants to improve their health and look great. Thanks Natalia!"

Carolina M., 51, Huntington Beach, CA

"I have worked with a variety of trainers over the years and recently was introduced to Natalia through my sister. I am so happy to be training with her for a number of reasons. She is a real professional that has an excellent training education, and is prepared and focused about my goals. She takes my training serious and is always motivating me to hang in there and do more. She is flexible with her training appointments and everything about working with her has been a great experience. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer."C

Danielle F., 22, Irvine, CA

"With the training I have received from Natalia over the past year, I have seen my body transform from head to toe. I have turned fat into muscle, which has made me stronger and I look leaner. Natalia has also guided me on making healthy diet choices that have assisted in my weight loss. Now my lifestyle has made a change for the best - I have more energy and I feel confident. Natalia has helped me reach a level of fitness I never thought I could attain. She really cracks the whip! "

John W., 39, Newport Beach, CA

"Being one of the millions of Americans plagued by partial and permanent disability to a disc, training and keeping fit is demanding, to say the least. Leaving me at an increased risk of reinjury; And when left unattended chronic constraint debilitating pain.  Having tried multiple doctors and as many methods and medicine with no relief or worse pain. I was amazed by the superior results in the way of pain relief, flexibility and muscle development in the affected areas, since Natalia began training me. I have restored confidence, improved performance at work; from being able to surf to snowboarding or just my day to day business. The overall accomplishment is outstanding. I have received training by some of the best in the field and none have helped me recover so much freedom, from once a painful injury. Natalia is an outstanding trainer."

Rocky P., 56, Irvine, CA

"Natalia was hired as my trainer 8 weeks ago and I never imagined that using a trainer was going to change the quality of my life so much. At the age of 56, I was feeling out of shape and over weight. Since working with Natalia I have lost 15 pounds and 3 inches in my waist, my energy level has increased greatly & I am seeing much better muscle definition. My sons have also joined me in my training, they all are in their 20's and they thought they were in shape, until they worked with her. She is a remarkable trainer, her workouts are always challenging and fun."

Patricia S., 87, Newport Beach, CA

"Natalia Madden has been my personal trainer for over a year. I am 87 years of age & have M.S. (Multiple sclerosis). She has adjusted my exercise program so that I continually show improvement. She is business like and pleasant to be around"

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