A Guide to Visiting Egypt in the Summer

Egypt experiences two primary seasons, namely summer and winter. The winter season spans from November to April, while the summer season extends from May to October. Summer in Egypt is characterized by dryness and occasional scorching temperatures, which makes it less popular for tourism. However, despite the intense desert heat, considering a trip to Egypt during the summer months should not be disregarded. Although the winter climate is milder, there are undeniable benefits to visiting Egypt during the summer season.

Here is a comprehensive overview of the benefits of visiting Egypt during the months of May, June, July, August, and September (keeping in mind that the latter part of September and October generally experiences a noticeable decrease in temperature). Additionally, you will find useful recommendations, activities to engage in, sights to explore, and information about the expected weather conditions during your trip. We will also provide you with essential packing tips for your journey.

The Advantages of Visiting Egypt in the Summer

When embarking on a trip, it is generally undesirable to come across large numbers of tourists. The high season in Egypt is known to attract a multitude of visitors to tombs, mosques, monuments, and other attractions, which can lead to longer waiting times for tours. These extended queues may result in missed opportunities to visit important landmarks. However, if you choose to travel during the hotter months, you will have a better chance of avoiding these crowds. Exploring Egypt during the summer provides ample time to immerse yourself in its rich culture and history, capture memorable moments and photographs, and appreciate the breathtaking desert vistas.

1. Potential Reduction in Prices

During the summer months, which are considered the off-season for tourism in Egypt, flight and hotel prices, as well as Egypt tour packages, might be more affordable compared to the high season. Depending on the duration of your stay, opting to visit Egypt in the summer could significantly reduce your overall trip expenses by several hundred dollars. This would allow you to allocate more funds towards purchasing souvenirs at Cairo’s renowned market, Khan-el-Khalili. Additionally, you could potentially upgrade your accommodation to enjoy a more lavish suite.

2. Air-Conditioned Transportation

No matter how hot it gets in Egypt during the summer months, there is always the opportunity to travel in a private vehicle with air-conditioning. This can be arranged when organizing your trip to Egypt. Opting for a comfortable and climate-controlled mode of transportation can greatly enhance your experience while exploring the country, especially on the hottest summer days.

Things to Experience and Explore in Egypt During the Summer

Summer is a wonderful time to visit Egypt’s coast, even though the beaches may still be busy despite the sunny and warm weather. When planning your trip to Egypt during this season, consider Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada as your top choices. With up to 14 hours of daily sunshine, these destinations offer ample opportunities for activities such as wading, sunbathing, water sports, and swimming. Further details will be provided later on. 

1. Embark on a Nile River Sailing Excursion

Hop aboard a traditional Egyptian sailboat known as a felucca and enjoy a leisurely journey along the renowned Nile River. Pause along the way to unwind, go for a refreshing swim, or marvel at the breathtaking vistas of the river. Many private tour operators can readily arrange a delightful sail on the Nile, ensuring unforgettable and immersive experiences through Nile River cruises. Feel free to inquire about this option if it’s not already included in your planned itinerary. 

2. Explore the Underwater World of the Red Sea through Scuba Diving

 The Red Sea, although technically part of the Indian Ocean, is widely recognized as a top scuba-diving spot worldwide. With summer temperatures averaging in the 80s, you’ll likely find yourself spending a significant amount of time underwater. Xanadu Makadi Bay in the Red Sea offers breathtaking experiences, including captivating views of marine fauna, vibrant coral reefs, and ample photo opportunities.