Common Reason for MOT Failure

A staggering number of 976,569 instances of Incorrect headlamp aim were reported
Have you ever experienced temporary vision impairment when facing oncoming vehicles? It’s not just due to the powerful brightness of LED headlights, but can also be attributed to misaligned headlamp aim. This issue often arises from a broken bracket inside the headlight, but rest assured, your CCM technician can easily rectify it for you.

Inadequate braking abilities have been observed in an alarming number of cases, with a
If you notice that your brakes have a soft or spongy feeling, or if you experience a vibration through the pedal, it is highly likely that there is an issue within the braking system. The brakes play a critical role in ensuring the safety of your vehicle, so it is important that they are fully functional at all times. If you ever have any concerns or doubts about the condition of your brakes, it is advisable to have them inspected by a qualified expert.

According to the parameters provided

The registration plate lights on your vehicle are legally required, and failing to have them can result in a significant penalty of up to £1000 if caught by the police. Additionally, if you bring your vehicle for an MOT inspection with faulty or non-functional lights, it is likely to fail.

The sidelights, contrary to what is commonly assumed, are not positioned on the sides of your car. Instead, they are situated at the corners of your headlight, serving as auxiliary lights that come into play during slightly cloudy weather or when the darkness hasn’t fully settled, eliminating the need to activate your headlights.

There have been a total of 827,876 incidents where insufficient tread depth on tires was the cause.
Tires must meet a minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm tread depth, anything lower than this is considered a failure. Many tires have a tread bar that offers a visual indication of the remaining tread. Nonetheless, if your wheel alignment is off or your suspension is irregular, your tires may wear unevenly. That’s why it is crucial to conduct regular inspections of your tires. To ensure your vehicle passes the MOT and the tires wear evenly, it’s not only essential to check the tread depth but also to consider the alignment and any need for suspension lowering, as these factors can greatly affect your vehicle’s overall performance and safety.

According to the data, there have been a staggering number of windscreen wiper failures – specifically, 745,925

It is quite surprising to observe that a significant number of MOT failures are attributed to faulty windscreen wipers, considering that they are the quickest, most affordable, and simple to repair. Additionally, there are distinct indicators that suggest when your wipers need replacing. These include Squeaking or juddering movements across the screen, as well as their inability to effectively clear water.

Malfunctioning Brake Lights – 727,409 instances of failure

Brake lights are crucial safety components in a vehicle, as they play a vital role in ensuring road safety. If the lens is damaged or the bulb is blown, the car will not pass the MOT test. A convenient method to inspect the brake lights is by parking the car and requesting a friend to verify if both lights illuminate when the brakes are applied. In the absence of a friend, you can try parking the vehicle in front of a light-coloured wall or a large window, enabling you to observe the lights through the mirrors.

Malfunctioning Coil Springs – a total of 694,671 instances of failure

If you find your car rides becoming increasingly rough and uncomfortable, it may be due to a problem with your coil springs. Defective or corroded coil springs are a frequently encountered cause of MOT failures, particularly in our region where potholes pose a significant concern.